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Focusing on Females

We all know about the blatant sexism in movie images of females.


Sex sells, right?

But the long-term damage this does to young people of all genders who spend

lifetimes consuming this junk food just isn't worth it​.

girlbook.club is the entertainment blog to talk about it and come up with alternatives to the sexist entertainment media that America is just beginning to come to grips with.

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girlbook.club welcomes people from all sides of the American cinema “industry” to join us online to address the ill-health that we have suffered as a result of Hollywood’s patriarchal behavior.


EVERYONE affected -- from moviegoers to actors and directors -- can relax and feel confident that gender recovery is at the top of targeted discussions in a safe community.

The World

While The National Organization for Women (NOW) and The National Organization for Men against Sexism (NOMAS) each have an online presence and take a stand against systemic sexism, nobody takes such a laser-focus on recovering from the sexist junk food diet that we've been fed by Hollywood as girlbook.club 

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