The Market

Oliver's Women is a must read for


American Moviegoers

Who are dying to find out why there is not more gender equity on the Big Screen

Film Industry Professionals

From above-the-line producers to the catering truck, everyone is excited to hear the famous award-winning director speak up about how he dealt with one of our times’ most important issues


Fans of Oliver Stone

Who trust he knows the lay of the land and want his insights as to what obstacles a director can face in the real world of American filmmaking

Film Schools & Students

 Students & professors alike can now use Oliver Stone as a role model to feel emboldened to flip off the patriarchy and elbow their ways into a brave new "genderation" of Cinema

Fans & Haters of Feminism

Who will buy the book because of their burning angers and curiosities about the patriarchal Hollywood system

Moviegoers Worldwide

From Asia Pacific to Latin America; to Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Oliver Stone often receives more applause overseas than at home


That’s a big audience


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